Episode Two: Authenticity in Friendship and Hospitality

In Episode Two of the Semper Fi Household Podcast, Shannon interviews Alyson Schumacher – Marine Corps Spouse of 13 years, preschool teacher and Relational Authenticity Expert.  Alyson has a master’s degree in social work and has used her education and life-long quest for authenticity to positively impact our Marine Corps Culture in these times of war and uncertainty.  Alyson shares her 6 part method for creating healthy, quality relationships through hospitality.  Kindness, Grace, Patience, Empathy, Vulnerability and Boundaries.  Shannon and Alyson talk candidly about life as Marine Corps Spouses, how to employ Alyson’s methods, and how to make our homes and communities stronger so our Marines can do their job effectively, efficiently, and with dignity.


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