Episode Three: True Resilience

In Episode Three of The Semper Fi Household, Shannon interviews Heather Miller – Marine Corps Spouse of 18 years, breast cancer survivor and health and wellness advocate.  Heather shares tender details about her valiant battle with breast cancer – the uncertainty, how it impacted her young son, her enormous faith in God and her decision to carry on as a Battalion Commander’s Spouse in the midst of her treatment and her husband’s deployment.  Heather shares the great lessons she learned about her own ability to be resilient in the face of one of the greatest adversities a person can face, in a life that is already steeped in adversity.  Shannon and Heather talk in great detail about the special kind of resilience we share as Marine Corps Spouses, how we can make our culture stronger during this time of war fatigue, and how we can make our communities stronger and healthier so our Marines can do their duty; safe in the knowledge that their families are thriving, protected and surrounded with support.  Lastly, Heather describes her continuing mission to spread wellness and healthy living through her work with Lemon Grass Spa company, how her work heals her every day, and how her mission is helping families near and far.

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    • Thank yo so much Susan! Lynn has been a blessing to have as a friend for many years. Happy to pay back the love and support she has shown our family!

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