Episode Six: Finding Belonging at the United States Marine Corps Birthday Ball

In Episode Six of The Semper Fi Household Podcast, Shannon interviews Jessica Drake – Marine Corps Spouse of 23 years and mother of five.  The Marine Corps Birthday Ball “season” is upon us, and Shannon and Jessica talk candidly as how we, as spouses, can best support our Marines on THEIR birthday.  Have you ever felt intimidated by the “fanciness” and grandeur of the Marine Corps Ball?  Have you ever sat at a table where conversation went cold?  Have you ever wondered if you fit in at all?  Shannon and Jessica have some tips and wisdom to help.  The Marine Corps Birthday Ball is one of our culture’s dearest and most beautiful traditions and we, as spouses, are purely in support roles during this hallowed time – yet we have a great opportunity to reach out to other people, meet and honor retired and wounded vets, form lasting connections with fellow spouses, and most importantly – have a fabulous evening of dancing and celebration with our spouse.  Shannon and Jessica talk about everything from dresses, shoes, showing up at the ball 9-months-pregnant, body image issues, “mean girls”, our evening “game plan” with our spouses….and strippers.  What do you say when you’re sitting next to the stripper?  Their answer may surprise you.  This is one you don’t want to miss!

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