Episode Seven: “Keeping Up With The Joneses” (Part 1)

In Episode seven of The Semper Fi Household Podcast, Shannon interviews Jaclyn Jones – Marine Corps Spouse of 24 years.  Jaclyn tells her story of how she met her husband as a teenager, and how they were married after a 3-day engagement.  Shannon and Jaclyn discuss what it feels like to be a very young spouse in our Marine Corps Culture, and how the desire to “measure up” can lead us to overspend, misuse credit, and ultimately lead to problems in our marriage.  Jaclyn shares a painful moment when she learned that people who she trusted had betrayed her (in a very public way), and how she overcame that difficult time – and ultimately found new, healthier, supportive friends whom she can trust.  Lastly, Shannon and Jaclyn start the BIG discussion on the officer/enlisted spouse divide – what is truth – what is myth – and what we can do to better support each other.  This is part 1 of an ongoing interview with Jaclyn, who is the first enlisted spouse to be interviewed.  She’ll be back!

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