Episode Four: Building a Career as a Virtual Assistant

In Episode Four of The Semper Fi Household – Shannon interviews Melissa St. Clair, Marine Corps Spouse of 28 years and successful business owner.  Melissa shares how she has built a career as a “virtual assistant”, and how working with clients through the internet has enabled her to follow her Marine’s career without the stops and gaps that would impact a traditional career.  Melissa explains how she helps small businesses become more efficient through effective internet communication (newsletters, social media, emails, research, and more).  Shannon and Melissa talk about how to quell those negative voices that say “I can’t”, and how to navigate your way out of a rut.  Melissa shares her TOP 3 TIPS FOR SUCCESS, and how you can take steps to start your own project no matter who you are or where you live.  Melissa and Shannon discuss how we, as Marine Corps Spouses, share a special skill of dedication – and how our intellect is our greatest ability.







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