Episode Five: Safety and Quality of Life Through Boundaries

In Episode Five of The Semper Fi Household Podcast, Shannon brings back Alyson Schumacher to talk about BOUNDARIES.  What are boundaries?  How do we know what boundaries we can and should employ?  Who gets to define and set our boundaries?  How can boundaries keep us safe and sound?  How can boundaries benefit our families, marriages and personal well-being?  Alyson has a Master’s Degree in Social Work and describes how her work experience and skills in the field of social work and mental health applies to her daily life as a Marine Corps Spouse.  Shannon and Alyson talk candidly how personal BOUNDARIES enable and are critical to a successful life; and how without BOUNDARIES, we will ultimately fall short of our full potential. They also discuss the hardships facing our Marine Corps spouses community, how spouses can support each other better, and how we can all work to protect the well-being of each other through kindness, grace, vulnerability, empathy and patience…

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