Episode Eight: Simplicity Through The Holidays


Shannon’s actual Charlie Brown Christmas tree.

In Episode Eight of The Semper Fi Household Podcast, Shannon interviews Lizann Lightfoot.  Lizann is a Marine Corps Spouse of ten years (was girlfriend to her husband for seven years before that!), mother of four, author of Welcome to Rota: The Unofficial Guide to Getting Settled, and Enjoying the Culture, Food, and Travel Opportunities of Southern Spain and the popular blog “The Seasoned Spouse”.  Lizann works to inform military spouses (and girlfriends) about all aspects of military life.  Her work is enjoyed and valued near and far; and her message is positive, informative, assuring and kind.  Lizann is facing her third deployment during the holidays (seventh, in total), and gives us her tips for keeping things simple, positive and kind during this most difficult time.  Shannon and Lizann talk about the strains on military families after multiple deployments, how we, as spouses, must prioritize what’s most important to us.  Shannon shares her biggest Christmas “fail”, and she and Lizette talk about how we all, in our individuality, can build great communities by taking small steps of compassion and bravery every day.  Don’t miss this episode of heart and connection.

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